Current Roster

(You’ll be added to the roster after competing consistently in an event at tournaments during the current year.)

These are the current team members and the events they participate in (in no particular order). At districts, we are limited to 3 entries per event, so consider that when trying to pick events for districts. District tournament spots are usually awarded on a combination of skill (most important) and attendance. If you’re looking for someone to talk to about doing a certain event, this is a good resource.

Event Name
Parli J. Kwartler Tanveer Groznik Fender Hoter Weng Xu Chen Liu Beltrone
LD Park Tudorica J. Kwartler Mitchell Ri. Subramanyan
Pofo Feng S. Kwartler Dyal Ampo Mitchell Li You Griffiths Nolan Cave Ri. Subramanyan
CX Hong Samuelson Larson Avery Li
ADS J. Kwartler Hoter
Poetry Lewman Kulawiec Mysore
Extemp Tanveer Groznik Weng Hoter Sankar Zimmerman
Imp Tanveer Groznik Beltrone J. Kwartler S. Kwartler Hoter You Tudorica
Oratory S. Kwartler Hoter Zimmerman Groznik
HI J. Kwartler S. Kwartler Lewman
Duo J. Kwartler Lewman
Radio Feng Liu Tanveer Park Ri. Subramanyan
Expos S. Griffiths
DI Lewman
Prose Lewman Mysore Fender Dyal

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