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If you’re smart, eloquent, informed, funny, an actor, or want to become any of those things, then speech and debate is for you (read this page if you’re unconvinced, or just skip to the bottom to join immediately).

In all seriousness, there is an event for everyone, with 4 debate formats and 11 individual events.

Reasons to do debate include:

  • It’s fun!
  • You’ll develop valuable public speaking skills.
  • You can win awesome trophies/plaques/medals.
  • You can peform/debate in front of audiences.
  • It looks great on your college application.
  • You know you want to.
  • You’ll get babes/dudes.
  • You’ll instantly become the most popular kid at school.
  • Your chances of winning the lottery will marginally increase.

Debate is Fun!

Actually, though. It's fun.Not only will you grow to love performing/debating, you’ll spend all that time between rounds hanging out with friends from your and other schools. Plus, winning’s fun, and if you put the time in, anyone* can become a winner.

*except you. Just kidding. Even you.

You’ll develop skills.

Prepping some files
Yes, you actually will learn stuff while having fun, even though you think that’s impossible. You’ll learn how to think faster and better, how to connect to a judge/audience, and how to write/give strong speeches with minimal preparation. Celebrities who’ve done debate or individual events well include: Oprah Winfrey, Bruce Springsteen, Bill Clinton, Robin Williams, Zac Efron, John Wayne, and many other politicians, actors, and famous personalities.

You’ll win trophies.

Extemp Debate - Third in the NationYou can win major trophies, plaques, and medals at any debate tournament, to fill up that trophy case. They’ll look great next to your participation awards from elementary school soccer leagues.

It helps your college application.

According to this source (and many other informal and formal sources), debate is a major boost to your college application.
If you’re looking for an extracurricular that’s both fun and rewarding, in terms of college prospects, then you’ve found it.


Join Debate!


I’m stuck deciding between doing debate and doing a sport/joining a different club/taking a vacation to Tahiti/eating a burger. Advice?

No contest. Do debate, certainly, or, “perm*”, do both.
*A debate inside joke. You’ll have to join debate to learn what it means.

So what happens next?

You’ll be added to the LOHS speech and debate email list. You can start showing up at practices, which occur every Tuesday from 6-8 PM in room 102 (math hall, right side). After you’ve paid your fees (less than the fee for playing a sport, although sports are seasonal and debate is year round) and gotten your permission slips/forms in, you can go to tournaments.

When/where are tournaments?

Tournaments are usually all-day events. The bus often leaves LOHS at 6:30 AM or earlier, and gets back anytime from 8-10 PM depending on the tournament. Tournaments happen often, usually twice or thrice a month, but you are not required to attend them all. See the “Schedule” page for more specific info. Tournaments are evenly split between college and high school campuses.


I can’t make every practice/tournament! Can I still join?

Definitely. If you can’t make a full commitment, just show up as often as you can. You won’t be guaranteed a spot at districts or state, but you can still go to other tournaments.

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